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Pointed head

noun phrase


Read Also:

  • Pointed domain

    theory In most formulations of domain theory, a domain is defined to have a bottom element and algebraic CPOs without bottoms are called “predomains”. David Schmidt’s domains do not have this requirement and he calls a domain with a bottom “pointed”. (1999-07-07)

  • Pointed-arch

    noun 1. an arch having a pointed apex. noun 1. another name for lancet arch

  • Pointed

    [poin-tid] /ˈpɔɪn tɪd/ adjective 1. having a or : a pointed arch. 2. sharp or piercing: pointed wit. 3. having direct effect, significance, or force: pointed criticism. 4. directed; aimed: a pointed gun. 5. directed particularly, as at a person: a pointed remark. 6. marked; emphasized. 7. Heraldry. (of a cross) having parallel sides with […]

  • Poke-check

    noun, Ice Hockey. 1. an attempt to deprive an opponent of the puck by pushing it away with one’s stick. Compare 1 (def 37).

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