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[pwan-tl-iz-uh m, -tee-iz-, poin-tl-iz-] /ˈpwæn tlˌɪz əm, -tiˌɪz-, ˈpɔɪn tlˌɪz-/

noun, (sometimes initial capital letter)
a theory and technique developed by the neo-impressionists, based on the principle that juxtaposed dots of pure color, as blue and yellow, are optically mixed into the resulting hue, as green, by the viewer.
/ˈpwæntɪˌlɪzəm; -tiːˌɪzəm; ˈpɔɪn-/
the technique of painting elaborated from impressionism, in which dots of unmixed colour are juxtaposed on a white ground so that from a distance they fuse in the viewer’s eye into appropriate intermediate tones Also called divisionism

1901, from French pointillisme, from pointiller “to cover with pointilles,” small dots, plural diminutive of point (see point (n.)). Pointillist is attested from 1891, from French pointilliste.


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