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[poh-kee] /ˈpoʊ ki/

adjective, pokier, pokiest. Informal.
puttering; slow; dull:
poky drivers.
(of a place) small and cramped:
a poky little room.
(of dress) dowdy.
noun, plural pokies.
Slang. a jail:
They put him in the poky for carrying a concealed weapon.
adjective pokier, pokiest
(informal) (esp of rooms) small and cramped
without speed or energy; slow
(mainly US & Canadian, slang) the poky, prison

also pokey, 1828, “confined, pinched, shabby,” later (1856) “slow, dull;” from varied senses of poke (v.) + -y (2). Also cf. poke (n.3). Related: Pokily; pokiness.


A jail; clink, slammer: My thoughts centered around the prospect of the ”Pokey”

[1919+; origin unknown]


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