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Polar bond

polar bond
A type of covalent bond between two atoms in which electrons are shared unequally. Because of this, one end of the molecule has a slightly negative charge and the other a slightly positive charge. See more at covalent bond.


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  • Polar-cap

    noun 1. Geology. the icecap situated at either end of the earth’s poles. 2. Astronomy. either of the two bright areas around the poles of the planet Mars, consisting of water ice and frozen carbon dioxide. polar cap

  • Polar cataract

    polar cataract n. A capsular cataract limited to the anterior or posterior polar region of the lens.

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    noun 1. either the Arctic or the Antarctic Circle. noun 1. a term for either the Arctic Circle, Antarctic Circle polar circle The Arctic Circle or the Antarctic Circle.

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    polar coordinate system A system of coordinates in which the location of a point is determined by its distance from a fixed point at the center of the coordinate space (called the pole) and by the measurement of the angle formed by a fixed line (the polar axis, corresponding to the x-axis in Cartesian coordinates) […]

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