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Polar star

polar star n.
See daughter star.


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  • Polar wander

    noun 1. (geology) the movement of the earth’s magnetic poles with respect to the geographic poles

  • Polatsk

    [paw-luh tsk] /ˈpɔ lətsk/ noun 1. a city in N Belarus, on the Dvina River.

  • Polder

    [pohl-der] /ˈpoʊl dər/ noun 1. a tract of low land, especially in the Netherlands, reclaimed from the sea or other body of water and protected by dikes. /ˈpəʊldə; ˈpɒl-/ noun 1. a stretch of land reclaimed from the sea or a lake, esp in the Netherlands n. c.1600, from Dutch polder, from Middle Dutch polre, […]

  • Poleax

    [pohl-aks] /ˈpoʊlˌæks/ noun, plural poleaxes [pohl-ak-siz] /ˈpoʊlˌæk sɪz/ (Show IPA) 1. a medieval shafted weapon with blade combining ax, hammer, and apical spike, used for fighting on foot. 2. an ax, usually with a hammer opposite the cutting edge, used in stunning and slaughtering animals. 3. an ax with both a blade and a hook, […]

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