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[poh-luh-rahy-zer] /ˈpoʊ ləˌraɪ zər/

a person or thing that .
Optics. a device, often a crystal or prism, that light.
a person or a device that causes polarization


Read Also:

  • Polarizing-filter

    noun, Photography. 1. a camera lens filter used to control the plane of polarization of light entering the lens.

  • Polarizing-microscope

    noun 1. a microscope that utilizes polarized light to reveal detail in an object, used especially to study crystalline and fibrous structures. polarizing microscope (pō’lə-rī’zĭng) A microscope in which the object viewed is illuminated by polarized light. Since some materials act like polarizing filters, viewing objects with polarized light can reveal such materials when ordinary […]

  • Polar-molecule

    noun 1. a molecule in which the centroid of the positive charges is different from the centroid of the negative charges. noun an asymmetric molecule with non-uniform positive and negative charges; also called dipole Examples A polar molecule has a partial positive charge in one part of the molecule and complementary negative charge in another […]

  • Polar-nucleus

    noun 1. Botany. either of two female haploid nuclei, in the embryo sac of flowers, that fuse to produce a diploid nucleus, which combines with a male nucleus to form the endosperm.

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