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(sometimes lowercase) .
[kil-bah-suh, keel-] /kɪlˈbɑ sə, kil-/
noun, plural kielbasas, kielbasy
[kil-bah-see, keel-] /kɪlˈbɑ si, kil-/ (Show IPA)
a smoked sausage of coarsely chopped beef and pork, flavored with garlic and spices.
/ˌkiːlˈbaːsɘ; ˌkɪlˈbaːsɘ/
a traditional garlic sausage of Eastern European origin

1951, from Polish kiełbasa “sausage” (Russian kolbasa, Serbo-Croatian kobasica); perhaps from Turkish kulbasti, “grilled cutlet,” literally “pressed on the ashes.” Or perhaps, via Jewish butchers, from Hebrew kolbasar “all kinds of meat.”


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