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of, relating to, or concerned with :
political writers.
of, relating to, or connected with a political party:
a political campaign.
exercising or seeking power in the governmental or public affairs of a state, municipality, etc.:
a political machine; a political boss.
of, relating to, or involving the state or its government:
a political offense.
having a definite policy or system of government:
a political community.
of or relating to citizens:
political rights.
Contemporary Examples

But if we wait until Fatah has run out of political capital, we will one day have no one to negotiate with other than Hamas.
Obama: Come Visit The Settlements Samuel Lebens March 20, 2013

California’s upside-down transition reflects the very different personalities and political needs of these two peculiar men.
Arnold, Out Like a Lion Joe Mathews December 31, 2010

What has changed, probably, is the funding of political coffers.
Jack Hitt Examines Why Amateurs Are the Job Creators Jack Hitt June 8, 2012

“The law can be used in a number of ways if there is the political will to,” Assange said.
WikiLeaks’ Founder Speaks Philip Shenon June 20, 2010

political ads showing Harry Reid on rider mower, mowing the Mall?
PJ’s Political Forecast: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatheads P. J. O’Rourke March 13, 2014

Historical Examples

And yet we have not clearly distinguished the political shepherd from his rivals.
Statesman Plato

From evil—physical, moral, and political—it is not our claim to be exempt.
United States Presidents’ Inaugural Speeches Various

There is nothing to show that we are political prisoners now.
Condemned as a Nihilist George Alfred Henty

On the 13th of December, 1882, Mr. Gladstone’s political jubilee was celebrated.
The Grand Old Man Richard B. Cook

This was, in fact, to be Cicero’s political position in the future.
The Letters of Cicero, Volume 1 Marcus Tullius Cicero

of or relating to the state, government, the body politic, public administration, policy-making, etc

of, involved in, or relating to government policy-making as distinguished from administration or law
of or relating to the civil aspects of government as distinguished from the military

of, dealing with, or relating to politics: a political person
of, characteristic of, or relating to the parties and the partisan aspects of politics
organized or ordered with respect to government: a political unit

1550s, “pertaining to a polity, civil affairs, or government;” from Latin politicus “of citizens or the state” (see politic (adj.)) + -al (1). Meaning “taking sides in party politics” (usually pejorative) is from 1749. Political prisoner first recorded 1860; political science is from 1779 (first attested in Hume). Political animal translates Greek politikon zoon (Aristotle, “Politics,” I.ii.9) “an animal intended to live in a city; a social animal.”


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