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[pol-uh k] /ˈpɒl ək/

noun, plural pollacks (especially collectively) pollack.
a food fish, Pollachius pollachius, of the cod family, inhabiting coastal North Atlantic waters from Scandinavia to northern Africa.
noun (pl) -lacks, -lack, -locks, -lock
a gadoid food fish, Pollachius pollachius, that has a dark green back and a projecting lower jaw and occurs in northern seas, esp the North Atlantic Ocean
Sydney. 1934–2008, US film director. His films include Tootsie (1982), Out of Africa (1986), and The Firm (1993)

sea fish, c.1600, pollock, alteration of Scottish podlok, of unknown origin, perhaps from poll (n.) “head.” Possibly the alteration is by influence of Pollack “Polish person.”


A Pole or a person of Polish extraction •It is curious that this word is somewhat pejorative in English even though it is the Polish word for ”Pole” (1879+)

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