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[pol-uh ks] /ˈpɒl əks/

Greek Polydeuces. Classical Mythology. the brother of Castor.
Compare .
Astronomy. a first-magnitude star in the constellation Gemini.
the brightest star in the constellation Gemini, lying close to the star Castor. Visual magnitude: 1.15; spectral type: K0III; distance: 34 light years See also Castor
(classical myth) See Castor and Pollux

twin brother of Castor, name of the beta star of Gemini, 1520s, from Latin, from Greek Polydeukes, literally “very sweet,” from polys “much” (see poly-) + deukes “sweet” (see glucose). The contraction of the name in Latin is perhaps via Etruscan [Klein].
A bright giant star in the constellation Gemini, with an apparent magnitude of 1.15. Scientific name: Beta Geminorum.


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