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[pol-ee-an-uh] /ˌpɒl iˈæn ə/

an excessively or blindly optimistic person.
(often lowercase). Also, Pollyannaish. unreasonably or illogically optimistic:
some pollyanna notions about world peace.
a person who is constantly or excessively optimistic

“one who finds cause for gladness in the most difficult situations,” 1921, a reference to Pollyanna Whittier, child heroine of U.S. novelist Eleanor Hodgman Porter’s “Pollyanna” (1913) and “Pollyanna Grows Up” (1915), who was noted for keeping her chin up during disasters.

(1913) A children’s book by the American author Eleanor H. Porter. The title character is an orphan girl who, despite the difficulties of her life, is always extremely cheerful.

Note: A “Pollyanna” remains excessively sweet-tempered and optimistic even in adversity.


An irrepressibly cheery person; undaunted optimist: or were we all a crowd of Pollyannas?

[1913+; fr the title and heroine of a novel by Eleanor Hodgman Porter, 1868–1920]


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