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[puh-loh-nee-uh s] /pəˈloʊ ni əs/

the sententious father of Ophelia in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.


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  • Polonize

    [poh-luh-nahyz] /ˈpoʊ ləˌnaɪz/ verb (used with object), Polonized, Polonizing. 1. to make Polish; cause or force to take on ways, customs, viewpoints, etc., that are characteristically Polish. 2. to alter (a word or phrase) so that it becomes Polish in form or character.

  • Polony

    /pəˈləʊnɪ/ noun (pl) -nies 1. (Brit) another name for bologna sausage

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    [poh-luhn-uh-roo v-uh] /poʊˌlʌn əˈrʊv ə/ noun 1. a town in E central Sri Lanka: Buddhist ruins.

  • Polo-pony

    noun 1. a small, swift, agile horse specially trained for use in polo.

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