[pol-ee-em-bree-uh-nee, -oh-nee, -em-brahy-uh-nee] /ˌpɒl iˈɛm bri ə ni, -ˌoʊ ni, -ɛmˈbraɪ ə ni/

noun, Embryology.
the production of more than one embryo from one egg.
the production of more than one embryo from a single fertilized egg cell: occurs in certain plants and parasitic hymenopterous insects

polyembryony pol·y·em·bry·o·ny (pŏl’ē-ěm’brē-ə-nē, -ěm-brī’-)
Development of more than one embryo from a single egg or ovule.
(pŏl’ē-ěm’brē-ə-nē, -ěm-brī’-)
Development from a single fertilized egg cell or, in plants, from a single ovule. In human beings, identical twins are the result of polyembryony. In gymnosperm plants, polyembryony involves the fertilization of more than one egg, though usually only one embryo survives in the ovule.

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