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noun, Mathematics.
the set of all polynomials in an indeterminate variable with coefficients that are elements of a given ring.


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  • Polynomial-time

    complexity (P) The set or property of problems which can be solved by a known polynomial-time algorithm. (1995-04-10)

  • Polynomial-time algorithm

    complexity A known algorithm (or Turing Machine) that is guaranteed to terminate within a number of steps which is a polynomial function of the size of the problem. See also computational complexity, exponential time, nondeterministic polynomial-time (NP), NP-complete. (1995-04-13)

  • Polynosic

    noun, adjective a trademark for a type of microfiber that is a blend of polyester and rayon fibers and having a soft finish Examples Polynosic is characterized by a high wet modulus of elasticity.

  • Polynuclear

    [pol-ee-noo-klee-er, -nyoo- or, by metathesis, -kyuh-ler] /ˌpɒl iˈnu kli ər, -ˈnyu- or, by metathesis, -kyə lər/ adjective 1. having many nuclei. /ˌpɒlɪˈnjuːklɪə/ adjective 1. having many nuclei; multinuclear polynuclear pol·y·nu·cle·ar (pŏl’ē-nōō’klē-ər, -nyōō’-) or pol·y·nu·cle·ate (-klē-ĭt) or pol·y·nu·cle·at·ed (-klē-ā’tĭd) adj. Multinuclear.

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