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polyonychia pol·y·o·nych·i·a (pŏl’ē-ō-nĭk’ē-ə)
The presence of supernumerary nails on the fingers or toes.


Read Also:

  • Polyopia

    polyopia pol·y·o·pi·a (pŏl’ē-ō’pē-ə) n. The perception of several visual images of one object. Also called multiple vision.

  • Polyorchism

    polyorchism pol·y·or·chism (pŏl’ē-ôr’kĭz’əm) or pol·y·or·chi·dism (-ôr’kĭ-dĭz’əm) n. The presence of supernumerary testes.

  • Polyostotic

    polyostotic pol·y·os·tot·ic (pŏl’ē-ŏs-tŏt’ĭk) adj. Involving more than one bone.

  • Polyotia

    polyotia pol·y·o·ti·a (pŏl’ē-ō’shē-ə) n. The presence of an extra auricle on one or both sides of the head.

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