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[pol-ee-pod] /ˈpɒl iˌpɒd/

(of insect larvae) having many feet.
(esp of insect larvae) having many legs or similar appendages
an animal of this type


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  • Polypody

    [pol-ee-poh-dee] /ˈpɒl iˌpoʊ di/ noun, plural polypodies. 1. any fern of the genus Polypodium, as P. vulgare, having creeping rootstocks, deeply pinnatifid evergreen fronds, and round, naked sori. /ˈpɒlɪˌpəʊdɪ/ noun (pl) -dies 1. any of various ferns of the genus Polypodium, esp P. vulgare, having deeply divided leaves and round naked sori: family Polypodiaceae 2. […]

  • Polypoid

    [pol-uh-poid] /ˈpɒl əˌpɔɪd/ adjective, Pathology. 1. resembling a . /ˈpɒlɪˌpɔɪd/ adjective 1. of, relating to, or resembling a polyp 2. (of a coelenterate) having the body in the form of a polyp polypoid pol·yp·oid (pŏl’ə-poid’) adj. Resembling a polyp.

  • Polypore

    [pol-ee-pawr, -pohr] /ˈpɒl iˌpɔr, -ˌpoʊr/ noun 1. a woody pore fungus, Laetiporus (Polyporus) sulphureus, that forms large, brightly colored, shelflike growths on old logs and tree stumps.

  • Polyporous

    polyporous po·lyp·or·ous (pŏ-lĭp’ər-əs, pə-) adj. Having many small perforations; cribriform.

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