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polysomy pol·y·so·my (pŏl’ē-sō’mē)
The state of a cell nucleus in which a specific chromosome is represented more than twice.


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  • Polysorbate

    [pol-ee-sawr-beyt, -bit] /ˌpɒl iˈsɔr beɪt, -bɪt/ noun 1. any of a class of emulsifying and dispersing agents used in various foods and pharmaceutical preparations. polysorbate pol·y·sor·bate (pŏl’ē-sôr’bāt’) n. Any of a class of emulsifiers used in some pharmaceuticals. polysorbate (pŏl’ē-sôr’bāt’) Any of a class of emulsifiers used in food preparation and in some pharmaceuticals. Polysorbates […]

  • Polyspermia

    [pol-ee-spur-mee-uh] /ˌpɒl iˈspɜr mi ə/ noun, Medicine/Medical. 1. the secretion of an excessive amount of semen. polyspermia pol·y·sper·mi·a (pŏl’ē-spûr’mē-ə) n.

  • Polyspermy

    [pol-ee-spur-mee] /ˈpɒl iˌspɜr mi/ noun 1. the fertilization of an ovum by several spermatozoa. polyspermy pol·y·sper·my (pŏl’ē-spûr’mē) n. The entrance of more than one spermatozoon into the ovum. Also called polyspermia.

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    polystichia pol·y·stich·i·a (pŏl’ē-stĭk’ē-ə) n. An abnormal arrangement of the eyelashes in two or more rows.

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