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[pom-puh l-moos] /ˈpɒm pəlˌmus/

noun, plural pompelmous, pompelmouses.


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    [pom-pee] /ˈpɒm pi/ noun 1. (Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus”the Great”) 106–48 b.c, Roman general and statesman: a member of the first triumvirate. /ˈpɒmpɪ/ noun 1. an informal name for Portsmouth /ˈpɒmpɪ/ noun 1. called Pompey the Great; Latin name Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus. 106–48 bc, Roman general and statesman; a member with Caesar and Crassus of the […]

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    pompholyx pom·pho·lyx (pŏm’fə-lĭks’) n. See dyshidrosis.

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    [pom-pi-doo; French pawn-pee-doo] /ˈpɒm pɪˌdu; French pɔ̃ piˈdu/ noun 1. Georges Jean Raymond [zhawrzh zhahn rey-mawn] /ʒɔrʒ ʒɑ̃ reɪˈmɔ̃/ (Show IPA), 1911–74, French political leader: prime minister 1962–68; president 1969–74. /French pɔ̃pidu/ noun 1. Georges (ʒɔrʒ). 1911–74, French statesman; president of France (1969–74)

  • Pompier

    n. “fireman’s scaling ladder,” French, literally “fireman,” from pompe “pump” (see pump (n.)).

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