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Pontine angle tumor

pontine angle tumor n.
A tumor that grows in the proximal portion of the acoustic nerve, especially in the angle formed by the cerebellum and the lateral pons.


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  • Pontine

    [pon-tahyn, -teen] /ˈpɒn taɪn, -tin/ adjective, Anatomy. 1. of or relating to the pons. [pon-teen, -tahyn] /ˈpɒn tin, -taɪn/ adjective 1. of or relating to the Pontine Marshes. /ˈpɒntaɪn/ adjective 1. of or relating to bridges 2. of or relating to the pons Varolii

  • Pontine flexure

    pontine flexure n. The dorsally concave curvature of the embryonic rhombencephalon. Also called basicranial flexure, transverse rhombencephalic flexure.

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    plural noun 1. an area in W Italy, SE of Rome: formerly marshy, now drained. /ˈpɒntaɪn/ plural noun 1. an area of W Italy, southeast of Rome: formerly malarial swamps, drained in 1932–34 after numerous attempts since 160 bc had failed Italian name Agro Pontino (ˈɑːɡro ponˈtiːno)

  • Pontine nuclei

    pontine nuclei pl.n. The very large mass of gray matter filling the pons and serving as a major way station in impulse conduction from the cerebral cortex of one hemisphere to the posterior lobe of the opposite cerebellar hemisphere.

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