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The posterior; ass, butt: What a fuckin’ pooper on that little snatch (1970s+)

Related Terms

party pooper


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  • Pooper-scooper

    [poo-per-skoo-per] /ˈpu pərˌsku pər/ noun 1. Also called poop scooper. a small shovel or scooping device designed for use in cleaning up after a dog or other pet that has defecated on a street or sidewalk. adjective 2. of or relating to laws, city ordinances, or the like, that require a person to use a […]

  • Poophead

    noun a very unhappy or negative person; also called poopyhead Examples Don’t be a poophead. Let’s go to the party. Word Origin fr poopy Usage Note slang noun A very unhappy person; also, someone who acts stupidly

  • Poopicate

    verb To defecate; shit: You’re sure to be wondering how bats poopicate when they sleep upside down (1990s+)

  • Poopie

    noun excrement; also spelled poopy Examples The baby did poopy in the diaper. adjective See poopy Usage Note slang adjective Depressed; also, ineffectual: She felt poopy when they left her out (1957+) noun Excrement •Mainly a children’s word: poopy in the diaper

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