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noun, Slang: Disparaging and Offensive.


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  • Poor-will

    [poo r-wil] /ˈpʊərˌwɪl/ noun 1. a goatsucker, Phalaenoptilus nuttallii, of western North America.

  • Poos

    [poo] /pu/ noun, Informal. 1. excrement. verb (used without object), pooed, pooing. 2. to defecate. /puː/ interjection, noun, verb 1. another spelling of pooh n. also pooh, baby-talk for “excrement,” 1950s (cf. poop (n.2)). interjection A mild exclamation of disbelief, dismay, disappointment, etc: Oh poo, I dropped it (1602+) noun Excrement; do, poo-poo •Along with […]

  • Poot

    interjection : I checked my watch. Poot. It was only twelve forty-five noun verb To flatulate; fart [1970s+ Black; probably a variant of poop]

  • Poot around

    verb phrase To waste time; behave frivolously; crap around: There’s been a lot of pootin’ around but very little maximum effort (1970s+ Black)

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