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  • Pope

    [pohp] /poʊp/ noun 1. (often initial capital letter) the bishop of Rome as head of the Roman Catholic Church. 2. (in the early Christian church) a bishop. 3. a person considered as having or assuming authority or a position similar to that of the Roman Catholic pope. 4. the title of the Coptic patriarch of […]

  • Popedom

    [pohp-duh m] /ˈpoʊp dəm/ noun 1. the office or dignity of a pope. 2. the tenure of office of a pope. 3. the papal government. /ˈpəʊpdəm/ noun 1. the office or dignity of a pope 2. the tenure of office of a pope 3. the dominion of a pope; papal government

  • Popeline

    [pop-uh-leen, pop-uh-leen] /ˈpɒp əˌlin, ˌpɒp əˈlin/ noun 1. a fabric, resembling broadcloth, rep, or poplin and made with silk or rayon warp and wool filling, used in the manufacture of dress goods.

  • Popemobile

    [pohp-muh-beel] /ˈpoʊp məˌbil/ noun, (often lowercase) 1. Informal. any of various vehicles used to transport the pope when he appears in public, typically equipped with bulletproof glass. /ˈpəʊpməˌbiːl/ noun (informal) 1. a small open-top car used by the Pope to move amongst crowds noun a type of vehicle used by religious and political leaders that […]

  • Popera

    /ˈpɒpərə; ˈpɒprə/ noun 1. music drawing on opera or classical music and aiming for popular appeal

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