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Popliteal ligament

popliteal ligament n.


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  • Popliteal muscle

    popliteal muscle n. A muscle with origin from the lateral condyle of the femur, with insertion into the posterior surface of the tibia, with nerve supply from the tibial nerve, and whose action flexes the leg and rotates it medially.

  • Popliteal vein

    popliteal vein n. A vein that arises at the lower border of the popliteal muscle by union of the anterior and posterior tibial veins and enters the great adductor muscle to become the femoral vein.

  • Popliteus

    [pop-lit-ee-uh s, pop-li-tee-] /pɒpˈlɪt i əs, ˌpɒp lɪˈti-/ noun, plural poplitei [pop-lit-ee-ahy, pop-li-tee-ahy] /pɒpˈlɪt iˌaɪ, ˌpɒp lɪˈti aɪ/ (Show IPA). Anatomy. 1. a thin, flat, triangular muscle in back of the knee, the action of which assists in bending the knee and in rotating the leg toward the body.

  • Poplog

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