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[sah-loo s paw-poo-lee soo-prey-mah leks es-toh; English sey-luh s pop-yuh-lahy-soo-pree-muh leks es-toh] /ˈsɑ lʊs ˈpɔ pʊˌli suˈpreɪ mɑ lɛks ˈɛs toʊ; English ˈseɪ ləs ˈpɒp yəˌlaɪ sʊˈpri mə lɛks ˈɛs toʊ/

let the welfare of the people be the supreme law: a motto of Missouri.
[wohks poh-poo-lee wohks de-ee; English voks pop-yuh-lahy voks dee-ahy, dey-ee] /woʊks ˈpoʊ pʊˌli woʊks ˈdɛ i; English vɒks ˈpɒp yəˌlaɪ vɒks ˈdi aɪ, ˈdeɪ i/
the voice of the people (is) the voice of God.


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