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porencephalia por·en·ce·pha·li·a (pôr’ěn-sə-fā’lē-ə, -fāl’yə)
See porencephaly.


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  • Porencephalitis

    porencephalitis por·en·ceph·a·li·tis (pôr’ěn-sěf’ə-lī’tĭs) n. Chronic inflammation of the brain with the formation of cavities in the brain substance.

  • Porencephaly

    porencephaly por·en·ceph·a·ly (pôr’ěn-sěf’ə-lē) n. Occurrence of cavities in the brain substance, usually communicating with the lateral ventricles. Also called porencephalia. por’en·ce·phal’ic (-ěn’sə-fāl’ĭk) or por’en·ceph’a·lous (-sěf’ə-ləs) adj.

  • Por-favor

    [pawr fah-vawr] /ˈpɔr fɑˈvɔr/ interjection, Spanish. 1. please; if you please.

  • Porfirio diaz

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