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porphobilin por·pho·bi·lin (pôr’fō-bī’lĭn)
An intermediate in the synthesis of porphyrins and heme.


Read Also:

  • Porphyria cutanea tarda

    porphyria cutanea tarda porphyria cu·ta·ne·a tar·da (kyōō-tā’nē-ə târ’də) n. Abbr. PCT Porphyria characterized by liver dysfunction and photosensitive cutaneous lesions, with hyperpigmentation and scleroderma-like changes in skin, neurologic manifestations, and porphyrinuria. Also called symptomatic porphyria.

  • Porphyrin

    [pawr-fuh-rin] /ˈpɔr fə rɪn/ noun, Biochemistry. 1. a dark red, photosensitive pigment consisting of four pyrrole rings linked by single carbon atoms: a component of chlorophyll, heme, and vitamin B 1 2 . /ˈpɔːfɪrɪn/ noun 1. any of a group of pigments occurring widely in animal and plant tissues and having a heterocyclic structure formed […]

  • Porphyrinogen

    porphyrinogen por·phy·rin·o·gen (pôr’fə-rĭn’ə-jən, -jěn’) n. Any of the intermediates in the biosynthesis of heme.

  • Porphyrinuria

    porphyrinuria por·phy·ri·nu·ri·a (pôr’fə-rə-nur’ē-ə, -nyur’-) n. The excretion of abnormal concentrations of porphyrins and related compounds in the urine. Also called purpurinuria.

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