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noun, Physiology.
blood flow in a portal system.

portal circulation n.
Circulation of blood to the liver from the small intestine via the portal vein.


Read Also:

  • Portal fissure

    portal fissure n. A transverse fissure on the visceral surface of the liver between the caudate and quadrate lobes, lodging the portal vein, hepatic artery, hepatic nerve plexus, hepatic ducts, and lymphatic vessels. Also called caudal transverse fissure.

  • Portal cirrhosis

    portal cirrhosis n. See Laënnec’s cirrhosis.

  • Portal frame

    noun 1. (civil engineering, building trades) a frame, usually of steel, consisting of two uprights and a cross beam at the top: the simplest structural unit in a framed building or a doorway

  • Portal hypertension

    portal hypertension n. Hypertension in the portal system as seen in cirrhosis of the liver and other conditions causing obstruction to the portal vein.

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