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[pawr-shuh n, pohr-] /ˈpɔr ʃən, ˈpoʊr-/

a part of any whole, either separated from or integrated with it:
I read a portion of the manuscript.
an amount of food served for one person; serving; helping:
He took a large portion of spinach.
the part of a whole allotted to or belonging to a person or group; share.
the part of an estate that goes to an heir or a next of kin.
Literary. something that is allotted to a person by God or fate.
(especially formerly) the money, goods, or estate that a woman brings to her husband at marriage; dowry.
verb (used with object)
to divide into or distribute in portions or shares (often followed by out).
to furnish with a portion, as with an inheritance or a dowry:
All of his children have been amply portioned.
to provide with a lot or fate:
She was portioned with sorrow throughout her life.
a part of a whole; fraction
a part allotted or belonging to a person or group
an amount of food served to one person; helping

a person’s lot or destiny
verb (transitive)
to divide up; share out
to give a share to (a person); assign or allocate
(law) to give a dowry or portion to (a person); endow

early 14c., “allotted part, share,” from Old French porcion “part, portion” (12c., Modern French portion) and directly from Latin portionem (nominative portio) “share, part,” accusative of the noun in the phrase pro portione “according to the relation (of parts to each other)” (see proportion). From late 14c. in general sense of “section into which something is divided.”

“to divide in portions,” early 14c., from Old French porcioner “share out, divide in portions,” from porcion (see portion (n.)). Related: Portioned; portioning.


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