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[pawr-too ah-le-gruh] /ˈpɔr tʊ ɑˈlɛ grə/

a seaport in S Brazil.
[ree-oo grahn-di doo sool] /ˈri ʊ ˈgrɑ̃ dɪ dʊ ˈsul/
a state in S Brazil. 107,923 sq. mi. (279,520 sq. km).
Capital: Pôrto Alegre.
/Portuguese ˈportu aˈlɛɡri/
a port in S Brazil, capital of the Rio Grande do Sul state: the country’s chief inland port; the chief commercial centre of S Brazil, with two universities (1936 and 1948). Pop: 3 795 000 (2005 est)
/Portuguese ˈriu ˈɡrəndi du ˈsul/
a state of S Brazil, on the Atlantic. Capital: Porto Alegre. Pop: 10 408 540 (2002). Area: 282 183 sq km (108 951 sq miles)


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