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[pawr-trit, -treyt, pohr-] /ˈpɔr trɪt, -treɪt, ˈpoʊr-/

a likeness of a person, especially of the face, as a painting, drawing, or photograph:
a gallery of family portraits.
a verbal picture or description, usually of a person:
a biography that provides a fascinating portrait of an 18th-century rogue.
/ˈpɔːtrɪt; -treɪt/

a verbal description or picture, esp of a person’s character
(printing) (of a publication or an illustration in a publication) of greater height than width Compare landscape (sense 5a)

1560s, “a figure, drawn or painted,” a back formation from portraiture or directly from Middle French portrait, from Old French portret (13c.), noun use of past participle of portraire “to paint, depict” (see portray). Especially of the head and face of a person.


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  • Portrait-flask

    noun 1. a glass flask of the 19th century having a portrait molded onto the side.

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    [pawr-tri-tist, -trey-, pohr-] /ˈpɔr trɪ tɪst, -treɪ-, ˈpoʊr-/ noun 1. a person who makes . /ˈpɔːtrɪtɪst; -treɪ-/ noun 1. an artist, photographer, etc, who specializes in portraits

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    noun 1. a novel (1881) by Henry James.

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