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[ap-uh-plek-tik] /ˌæp əˈplɛk tɪk/

adjective, Also, apoplectical
of or relating to .
having or inclined to .
intense enough to threaten or cause :
an apoplectic rage.
a person having or predisposed to .
of or relating to apoplexy
(informal) furious
a person having apoplexy

1610s, “involving apoplexy,” from French apoplectique (16c.), from Latin apoplecticus, from Greek apoplektikos “disabled by a stroke, crippled, struck dumb,” from apoplektos, verbal adjective of apoplessein (see apoplexy). Meaning “showing symptoms of apoplexy” (1721) gradually shaded into “enraged, very angry.”

apoplectic ap·o·plec·tic (āp’ə-plěk’tĭk)
Relating to, having, or predisposed to apoplexy.
ap’o·plec’ti·cal·ly adv.


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