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[pohst-peyd] /ˈpoʊstˈpeɪd/

adjective, adverb
with the postage prepaid:
a postpaid reply card.
adverb, adjective
with the postage prepaid


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  • Postpartum

    [pohst-pahr-tuh m] /poʊstˈpɑr təm/ adjective, Obstetrics. 1. of or noting the period of time following childbirth; after delivery. /pəʊstˈpɑːtəm/ adjective 1. (med) following childbirth postpartum post·par·tum (pōst-pär’təm) adj. Of or occurring in the period shortly after childbirth.

  • Post-partum

    adj. also postpartum, 1837, “occurring after birth,” from Latin post partum “after birth,” from post “after” (see post-) + accusative of partus “a bearing, a bringing forth,” from partus, past participle of parere “to bring forth” (see pare). Phrase Post-partum depression first attested 1929.

  • Postpartum hemorrhage

    postpartum hemorrhage n. Hemorrhage from the birth canal in excess of 500 milliliters during the first 24 hours after birth.

  • Postpartum psychosis

    postpartum psychosis n. An acute mental disorder occurring in the mother following childbirth.

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