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[pohst-pran-dee-uh l] /poʊstˈpræn di əl/

after a meal, especially after dinner:
postprandial oratory; a postprandial brandy.
of or relating to the period immediately after lunch or dinner: a postprandial nap

also post-prandial, 1820, from post- “after” + Latin prandium “luncheon” (usually bread, fish, or cold meat, taken around noon), from *pram “early” (from PIE *pre-, variant of root per- (1) “forward, through;” see per) + edere “to eat” (see edible) + -al (1).

postprandial post·pran·di·al (pōst-prān’dē-əl)
Following a meal, especially dinner.
post·pran’di·al·ly adv.


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