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a person, usually employed by the post office, who delivers mail.


Read Also:

  • Postal-code

    noun 1. British. . 2. Canadian. a mailing code system similar to the zip code in the U.S. and the in Britain. noun 1. (Canadian) a code of letters and digits used as part of a postal address to aid the sorting of mail Also called (in Britain and certain other countries) postcode US equivalent […]

  • Postal note

    noun 1. (Austral & NZ) the usual name for postal order

  • Postal-savings-bank

    noun 1. any of the savings banks formerly operated by local post offices and limited to small accounts.

  • Postal-order

    noun, Chiefly British. 1. . noun 1. a written order for the payment of a sum of money, to a named payee, obtainable and payable at a post office

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