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[po-steer-ee-ad, poh-] /pɒˈstɪər iˌæd, poʊ-/

adverb, Anatomy, Zoology.
toward the ; posteriorly.


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  • Poste-restante

    [pohst re-stahnt or, esp. British, res-tahnt; French pawst res-tahnt] /ˌpoʊst rɛˈstɑnt or, esp. British, ˈrɛs tɑnt; French pɔst rɛsˈtɑ̃t/ noun 1. a direction written on mail to indicate that it should be held at the post office until called for by the addressee. 2. Chiefly British. a department in charge of such mail. /ˈpəʊst rɪˈstænt; […]

  • Posterior

    [po-steer-ee-er, poh-] /pɒˈstɪər i ər, poʊ-/ adjective 1. situated behind or at the rear of; hinder (opposed to ). 2. coming after in order, as in a series. 3. coming after in time; later; subsequent (sometimes followed by to). 4. Anatomy, Zoology. 5. Botany. toward the back and near the main axis, as the upper […]

  • Posterior ampullar nerve

    posterior ampullar nerve n. A branch of the vestibular part of the eighth cranial nerve that supplies the ampullary crest of the posterior semicircular duct of the ear.

  • Posterior asynclitism

    posterior asynclitism n. See Litzmann obliquity.

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