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Posterior chamber of eye

posterior chamber of eye n.
The ringlike space filled with aqueous humor between the iris, the crystalline lens, and the ciliary body.


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  • Posterior column of spinal cord

    posterior column of spinal cord n. The dorsolateral ridge of gray matter in each lateral half of the spinal cord. Also called dorsal column of spinal cord.

  • Posterior condyloid foramen

    posterior condyloid foramen n. See condylar canal.

  • Posterior cord of brachial plexus

    posterior cord of brachial plexus n. A fasciculus formed by the posterior divisions of the upper, middle and lower trunks and giving rise to the subscapular, thoracodorsal, axillary, and radial nerves.

  • Posterior cutaneous nerve of arm

    posterior cutaneous nerve of arm n. A branch of the radial nerve supplying the skin of the posterior surface of the arm.

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