Posterior scleritis

posterior scleritis n.
Scleritis that exhibits a tendency to extend posteriorly to the sheath of eyeball and to cause chemosis.

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  • Posterior scrotal nerve

    posterior scrotal nerve n. Any of several terminal branches of the perineal nerve supplying the skin of the rear portion of the scrotum.

  • Posterior scrotal vein

    posterior scrotal vein n. Any of the veins passing from the scrotum to the internal pudendal veins.

  • Posterior septal artery of nose

    posterior septal artery of nose n. A branch of the sphenopalatine artery, supplying the nasal septum and accompanying the nasopalatine nerve.

  • Posterior spinocerebellar tract

    posterior spinocerebellar tract n. A compact bundle of heavily myelinated fibers that is located at the periphery of the dorsal half of the lateral funiculus of the spinal cord, consists of thick fibers originating in the thoracic nucleus on the same side of the cord, terminates in the vermis, and conveys proprioceptive information.

  • Posterior staphyloma

    posterior staphyloma n. A bulging of a weakened sclera at the posterior of the eyeball resulting from loss of the choroid lining.

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