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Posterolateral groove

posterolateral groove n.
A longitudinal furrow located on either side of the posterior median sulcus of the spinal cord and medulla oblongata and marking the line of entrance of the posterior nerve roots.


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    posteromedial pos·ter·o·me·di·al (pŏs’tə-rō-mē’dē-əl) adj. In back and toward the middle line.

  • Posteromedian

    posteromedian pos·ter·o·me·di·an (pŏs’tə-rō-mē’dē-ən) adj. In back and in the central line.

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    posterosuperior pos·ter·o·su·pe·ri·or (pŏs’tə-rō-su-pēr’ē-ər) adj. In back and above.

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