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a tool or device for digging a posthole.


Read Also:

  • Postholith

    postholith pos·tho·lith (pŏs’thə-lĭth’) n. A calculus occurring beneath the foreskin.

  • Post-horn

    noun 1. a straight or coiled copper or brass horn with no valves or slide, originally used to announce mail coaches. noun 1. a simple valveless natural horn consisting of a long tube of brass or copper, either straight or coiled; formerly often used to announce the arrival of a mailcoach

  • Post-horse

    noun 1. a horse kept, as at a station on a post road, for the use of persons riding post or for hire by travelers. noun 1. (formerly) a horse kept at an inn or post house for use by postriders or for hire to travellers

  • Post-house

    noun 1. a house or inn keeping post horses. noun 1. (formerly) a house or inn where horses were kept for postriders or for hire to travellers

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