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[pos-chuh-muh s, -choo-] /ˈpɒs tʃə məs, -tʃʊ-/

arising, occurring, or continuing after one’s death:
a posthumous award for bravery.
published after the death of the author:
a posthumous novel.
born after the death of the father.
happening or continuing after one’s death
(of a book, etc) published after the author’s death
(of a child) born after the father’s death

mid-15c., “born after the death of the originator” (author or father), from Late Latin posthumus, from Latin postumus “last, last-born,” superlative of posterus “coming after, subsequent” (see posterior). Altered in Late Latin by association with Latin humare “to bury,” suggesting death; the one born after the father’s death obviously being the last. An Old English word for this was æfterboren, literally “after-born.” Related: Posthumously.


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