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[pohst-luh-min-ee-uh m] /ˌpoʊst ləˈmɪn i əm/

noun, plural postliminia
[pohst-luh-min-ee-uh] /ˌpoʊst ləˈmɪn i ə/ (Show IPA). International Law.


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  • Postliminy

    [pohst-lim-uh-nee] /poʊstˈlɪm ə ni/ noun, International Law. 1. the right by which persons and things taken in war are restored to their former status when coming again under the power of the nation to which they belonged. /pəʊstˈlɪmɪnɪ/ noun (pl) -inies, -inia (-ɪnɪə) 1. (international law) the right by which persons and property seized in […]

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    [pohst-loo-ping] /poʊstˈlu pɪŋ/ noun, Movies, Television. 1. .

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    [pohst-lood] /ˈpoʊst lud/ noun, Music. 1. a concluding piece or movement. 2. a voluntary at the end of a church service. /ˈpəʊstluːd/ noun 1. (music) a final or concluding piece or movement 2. a voluntary played at the end of a Church service n. 1821, from post- + ending abstracted from prelude.

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    [pohst-muh n] /ˈpoʊst mən/ noun, plural postmen. 1. a postal employee who carries and delivers mail; mail carrier. 2. Archaic. a courier. [pohst-muh n] /ˈpoʊst mən/ noun, plural postmen. Old English Law. 1. a barrister in the Court of Exchequer who had precedence in motions. /ˈpəʊstmən/ noun (pl) -men, -women 1. a person who carries […]

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