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[pohst-mawr-tuh m] /poʊstˈmɔr təm/

of, relating to, or occurring in the time following death.
of or relating to examination of the body after death.
occurring after the end of something; after the event:
a postmortem criticism of a television show.
Medicine/Medical. a postmortem examination; autopsy.
an evaluation or discussion occurring after the end or fact of something:
to do a postmortem on the decision of a court.
Cards. a discussion of the bidding or playing of a previous hand.
(prenominal) occurring after death
analysis or study of a recently completed event: a postmortem on a game of chess
See postmortem examination

postmortem post·mor·tem (pōst-môr’təm)
Relating to or occurring during the period after death. n.
See autopsy.
postmortem [(pohst-mawr-tuhm)]

Autopsy; figuratively, any analysis that follows an event: “When the convention is over, we’ll have a postmortem to find ways of improving it for next year.” From Latin, meaning “after death.”


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