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[pot-uh-mog-uh-lee] /ˌpɒt əˈmɒg ə li/



Read Also:

  • Potamology

    [pot-uh-mol-uh-jee] /ˌpɒt əˈmɒl ə dʒi/ noun 1. the study of rivers. /ˌpɒtəˈmɒlədʒɪ/ noun 1. (obsolete) the scientific study of rivers n. “the study of rivers,” 1829, from potamo- + -logy.

  • Potamophobia

    noun a fear of rivers, flowing water Word Origin Greek potamos ‘river’

  • Potamoplankton

    [pot-uh-moh-plangk-tuh n] /ˌpɒt ə moʊˈplæŋk tən/ noun 1. plankton living in freshwater streams.

  • Pot-arch

    noun, Ceramics. 1. an auxiliary furnace in which pots used in melting frit are preheated.

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