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[pot-luhk, -luhk] /ˈpɒtˌlʌk, -ˈlʌk/

food or a meal that happens to be available without special preparation or purchase:
to take potluck with a friend.
Also called potluck supper, potluck dinner, potluck lunch. a meal, especially for a large group, to which participants bring various foods to be shared.
whatever is available or comes one’s way:
With fluctuating interest rates, homebuyers are learning to take potluck with the banks.

also pot-luck, 1590s, from pot (n.1) + luck; with notion of “one’s luck or chance as to what may be in the pot.” As an adjective from 1775.

adverb phrase

: Come on and dine pot luck


: pot-luck supper

noun phrase

A meal composed of odds and ends of leftovers, or of whatever turns up (1600+)
see: take potluck


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