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  • Pouching

    [pouch] /paʊtʃ/ noun 1. a bag, sack, or similar receptacle, especially one for small articles or quantities: a tobacco pouch. 2. a small moneybag. 3. a bag for carrying mail. 4. a bag or case of leather, used by soldiers to carry ammunition. 5. something shaped like or resembling a bag or pocket. 6. Chiefly […]

  • Pouchy

    [pou-chee] /ˈpaʊ tʃi/ adjective, pouchier, pouchiest. 1. possessing or resembling a : pouchy folds under the eyes.

  • Poudrette

    [poo-dret] /puˈdrɛt/ noun 1. a fertilizer made from dried night soil mixed with other substances, as gypsum and charcoal.

  • Poudrage

    poudrage pou·drage (pōō-dräzh’) n. The surgical application of powder, such as the dusting of opposing pleural surfaces with a slightly irritating powder in order to secure adhesion.

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