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[poof] /puf/

a high headdress with the hair rolled in puffs, worn by women in the late 18th century.
an arrangement of the hair over a pad; .
a puff of material as an ornament on a dress or headdress.
Also, pouffe. a broad, backless, usually round, cushionlike seat, often large enough for several people.
a large solid cushion, usually cylindrical or cubic in shape, used as a seat

a stuffed pad worn under panniers
(Brit, derogatory, slang) (pʊf; puːf) less common spellings of poof

“style of elaborate female head-dress,” 1817 (in reference to styles of c.1780), from French bouffer “to blow out, puff,” probably of imitative origin. In dress-making, recorded from 1869; in reference to over-stuffed cushions, 1884. As a verb by 1882 (implied in pouffed).


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