noun, Metallurgy.
(def 2).

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    verb phrase

  • Pour-le-merite

    [poor luh mey-reet] /pur lə meɪˈrit/ adverb, French. 1. for merit.

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    verb phrase To waste money utterly; spend hugely for nothing: The Legislature is not going to pour more money down that rathole (1970s+)

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    [poor-par-ley; English poo r-pahr-ley] /pur parˈleɪ; English ˌpʊər pɑrˈleɪ/ noun, plural pourparlers [poor-par-ley; English poo r-pahr-leyz] /pur parˈleɪ; English ˌpʊər pɑrˈleɪz/ (Show IPA). French. 1. an informal preliminary conference. /purparle; English pʊəˈpɑːleɪ/ noun 1. an informal or preliminary conference

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