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a powder flask made from the horn of a cow or ox.
a powder flask consisting of the hollow horn of an animal


Read Also:

  • Powder-keg

    noun 1. a small, metal, barrellike container for gunpowder or blasting powder. 2. a potentially dangerous situation, especially one involving violent repercussions. noun 1. a small barrel used to hold gunpowder 2. (informal) a potential source or scene of violence, disaster, etc

  • Powder-magazine

    noun 1. a compartment for the storage of ammunition and explosives.

  • Powderman

    [pou-der-man, -muh n] /ˈpaʊ dərˌmæn, -mən/ noun, plural powdermen [pou-der-men, -muh n] /ˈpaʊ dərˌmɛn, -mən/ (Show IPA) 1. a person in charge of explosives, especially in a demolition crew. 2. Slang. a safe-cracker who uses explosives to open safes. noun An explosives expert: That’s powder-man in the trade (1980s+)

  • Powder-metallurgy

    noun 1. the art or science of manufacturing useful articles by compacting metal and other powders in a die, followed by sintering. noun 1. the science and technology of producing solid metal components from metal powder by compaction and sintering

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