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Adam Clayton, Jr. 1908–72, U.S. clergyman, politician, and civil-rights leader: congressman 1945–67, 1969–71.
Anthony, 1905–2000, English author.
Cecil Frank, 1903–69, English physicist: Nobel prize 1950.
[koh-lin,, kol-in] /ˈkoʊ lɪn,, ˈkɒl ɪn/ (Show IPA), born 1937, U.S. general: chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff 1989–96; secretary of state 2001–05.
Earl (Bud) 1924–66, U.S. jazz pianist and composer.
John Wesley, 1834–1902, U.S. geologist and ethnologist.
Lewis Franklin, Jr. 1907–1998, U.S. jurist: associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court 1972–87.
Lake, an artificial reservoir on the border of SE Utah and NE Arizona, on the Colorado River, formed by the construction of a dam (Glen Canyon Dam) (completed 1964). 186 miles (300 km) long.
Contemporary Examples

McCain has frequently referred to Powell as one of the greatest national servants he has known — and vice versa.
Powell Backs Obama Steve Clemons October 18, 2008

“Recent history is actually very difficult to recreate,” Powell tells The Daily Beast.
Finally! ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ Is Hollywood’s First 1990s Period Piece Andrew Romano December 22, 2013

It’s clear that, after he claimed his seat, Powell could have been expelled for misconduct.
Seat Burris, I’ve Been There Andrew Jacobs, Jr. January 5, 2009

Throughout the book, Powell, Rice, and even the human bulls-eye Karl Rove, do not receive a single word of criticism.
George Bush’s Book Will Offend the Right Matt Latimer November 9, 2010

The crowd in Powell’s was rapt—when it wasn’t doubled over in laughter.
Reza Aslan’s Sweet Revenge Winston Ross July 30, 2013

Historical Examples

Powell Seaton had stood, for two or three moments, staring from Halstead to the other motor boat boys.
The Motor Boat Club and The Wireless H. Irving Hancock

Powell had been governor of his state, and was then United States senator-elect.
The Story of the Mormons William Alexander Linn

“This is what our Mr. Powell had to tell me,” said Marlow, changing his tone.
Chance Joseph Conrad

Mr Apjohn she did not see, nor Dr Powell again, till the day of the funeral.
Cousin Henry Anthony Trollope

Walter Powell never mentioned the subject, or in any way suggested to me that there was anything behind the version of Powell.
The Romance of the Colorado River Frederick S. Dellenbaugh

(ˈpəʊəl). Anthony (Dymoke ˈdɪmək). 1905–2000, British novelist, best known for his sequence of novels under the general title A Dance to the Music of Time (1951–75)
Cecil Frank. 1903–69, British physicist, who was awarded the Nobel prize for physics in 1950 for his discovery of the pi-meson
Colin (Luther) (ˈcəʊlɪn). born 1937, US politician and general; Republican secretary of state (2001–05)
Earl, known as Bud Powell. 1924–1966, US modern-jazz pianist
(John) Enoch. 1912–98, British politician. An outspoken opponent of Commonwealth immigration into Britain and of British membership of the Common Market (now the European Union), in 1974 he resigned from the Conservative Party, returning to Parliament as a United Ulster Unionist Council member (1974–87)
Michael. 1905–90, British film writer, producer, and director, best known for his collaboration (1942–57) with Emeric Pressburger. Films include The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (1943), A Matter of Life and Death (1946), The Red Shoes (1948), and Peeping Tom (1960)


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