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noun, Aeronautics.
See under (def 4).
[loh-ding] /ˈloʊ dɪŋ/
the act of a person or thing that .
that with which something is ; , burden, or charge.
Electricity. the process of adding reactance to a telephone circuit, radio antenna, etc.
Aeronautics. the ratio of the gross weight of an airplane to engine power (power loading) wing span (span loading) or wing area (wing loading)
Insurance. an addition to the net premium, to cover expenses and allow a margin for contingencies and profit.
a load or burden; weight
the addition of an inductance to electrical equipment, such as a transmission line or aerial, to improve its performance See loading coil
an addition to an insurance premium to cover expenses, provide a safer profit margin, etc
the ratio of the gross weight of an aircraft to its engine power (power loading), wing area (wing loading), or some other parameter, or of the gross weight of a helicopter to its rotor disc area (disc loading)
(psychol) the correlation of a factor, such as a personality trait, with a performance score derived from a psychological test
material, such as china clay or size, added to paper, textiles, or similar materials to produce a smooth surface, increase weight, etc
(Austral & NZ) a payment made in addition to a basic wage or salary to reward special skills, compensate for unfavourable conditions, etc

loading load·ing (lō’dĭng)
The administration of a substance for the purpose of testing metabolic function.

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